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Harold "Harry" Lockhart
08 October 2012 @ 04:30 pm

-Harry is sitting at Perry's desk, his feet propped up and the phone hanging precariously over the edge. The phone begins to ring, and he perks up at just the idea of having someone to talk to, after being alone for most of the day, and he quickly leans in and pulls it off the hook. "Sentron Inc., Offices of Perry Van Shrike and Harry Lockhart. This is Harry speaking, how may I assist you?"

-The practiced words slip easily from his lips, and he plays with a pen that he'd found by his feet as he waited, distracting himself from giving his full attention to this client. He'd no doubt be explaining it to Perry, who will be going out to handle it without him-- once again. He'd been completely avoiding taking Harry out on cases for a reason he couldn't quite place, and it was highly annoying-- But there wasn't much he could do. It wasn't until the client mentioned a name that caught Harry's attention that he began to actually listen, and he would've done a spit take, had he been drinking anything. He hastily pulls his feet away from the desk and sits up, staring in shock at the desk in front of him-- as if it would explain everything, itself. "R-Robert Mills? As in Bobby Mills? I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume you're the same Bobby- ah, Robert who went to school with Perry?"

-After a confirmation, and a very brief but uncomfortable (For Harry, anyways) case de-briefing, Harry hangs the phone up, looking very much like he'd just seen a ghost, and annoyed for reasons he wasn't quite able to explain. 

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Harold "Harry" Lockhart
28 September 2012 @ 08:21 pm

...I'm finally all out of ice cream.

Doesn't that just suck?

And I'm fuckin' broke-- because Perry, the cheap bastard-- refuses to give me any spending money. In fact-- listen to how fucked up this is. I dug a bunch of change out of the bottom of the couch the other day, because I was starving-- and I managed to find about three dollars total. With that money, I went to grab a few slices of pizza.

When Perry found out, he actually took the fucking change I found out of my pay check. Three dollars and some odd cents? How cheap can you be. Seriously! 

But, fuck him. Looks like I'm stuck eating whatever... health nut... shit... Perry keeps in the fridge.

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Harold "Harry" Lockhart
27 September 2012 @ 05:12 pm

Harry stands in the disaster area that just barely resembles what used to be Perry's small, spotless kitchen-- coated in various things that may or may not include: eggs, flour, cinnamon and god only knows what else. On the counter in front of him sat a large mixing bowl, which was steadied by his left, four fingered hand while his right worked to stir the goopy, already hardened mess of batter with his left. Today had been slow-- slower than usual, and that was saying something. It could've been because of the shitty weather-- it's been pouring all damn day, and everybody-- murderers and cheating husbands included, it seemed-- preferred to stay indoor on days like these.

Not that, that made a difference. Perry had been an incredible ass lately, and was just about refusing to let him do anything that didn't involve fucking dusting and cleaning an already spotless house. Harry had no idea what to think of it-- but it was seriously beginning to piss him off. 

So with nothing better to do, Harry decided he'd try his hand at doing something usually considered fun-- in this case, baking. Perry had a surprising amount of mixes in the cabinets, but the cooking books were what caught his attention. He'd never tried to bake anything that followed an actual recipe before-- not that he had ever... actually tried to bake, before. Because he hadn't. 

Harry mouthed the ingredients for the chocolate cake from the Martha Stewart cook book he found as he stirred, too busy trying to follow the recipe word for word to pay attention to the small droplets of batter that splattered all over his hand and the side of the bowl with each turn of the spoon.

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Harold "Harry" Lockhart
26 September 2012 @ 04:51 pm

Character: Harold "Harry" Lockhart.
Series/Fandom: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Movie!Verse.
Original Character/Alternate OC: Canon/Original.
Sexuality: Bi-Sexual.

Personality: Harry, is the narrator in the story. Opinionated, and not the brightest crayon in the box. He tends to get carried away when he talks and usually does so without thinking. He's easily excitable, and can be very passionate when talking about something he feels strongly enough, about. He enjoys the word 'fuck' and uses it, a lot. Overall, he's a pretty upbeat guy. The term 'put your money where your mouth is' doesn't really apply to him, namely because he doesn't know how to fifht-- and will often jump into a situation when trying to defend or protect someone he cares about without thinkingabout the consequences/caring whether or not he gets his ass kicked in the process. 

He can have a temper when he feels he has been wronged, or violated or whatever-- and his mood can change at the drop of a pin or small piece of information. He tries to do the right thing, but it usually ends in disaster with him messing it up in one way or another. He enjoys pointing out people who look like actors or celebrities only with a different, more notable focal point, (IE: Native American Joe Pesci). He's not the best with grammar, as Perry points out to him on a regular basis, and apparently is also bad at math. He's got bad luck with womean, and-- life in general-- and has a very bad habit of stopping halfway through, and never being able to finish what he starts. Whether it's a relationship, business deal, job, marriage-- ect. Also, he's pretty gullible. 

Deep, deep down-- he's a knight. No, really! Beneath the occasional ogling of girls and constant bumbling, there's someone who really, desperately wants to please people. On top of that, he absolutely, positively can't stand mistreatment of women, even if it's by him and when it is by him it's usually an accident. The fastest way onto his short-list of hatred is to try and kill or take advantage of a girl, and that goes double if they actually manage to succeed. It oddly brings out noble qualities in him, making him very, very brave, very, very reckless, and very very compassionate. Conversely, it also makes him the slightest bit modest.; He doesn't quite fit into the party world of Los Angeles, and seems honestly disgusted by the things he see's, and how utterly ruined and tormented everyone he finds there to be. Since he's so awkward about these parties, it combines with his motor mouth and that usually ends with bumbling in the worst way. Still, he tries and he means well, it's just sometimes his brain doesn't quite catch on. 

Likes: Harry likes women, drinking, breakfast, sleeping in until Perry just about beats his door down to get him out of bed, any and all kinds of movies-- but mystery movies in particular, chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, oldies music, Lunchables, snacking, annoying Perry, bars, magic tricks, magicians, cigarettes, snakes, Johnny Gossamer books, the Fall Season, animals, clothes that are too big for him-- including Perry's which he often steals from his room-- and hoodies.

Dislikes: Spiders, waking up early, having to dress halfway decent for showy events like Hollywood parties, cops, public  transportation, being stuck in the office answering phone calls, having the shit beat out of him, large crowds, anything even remotely shady, skanky women & being alone. 

Quirks: Harry is a habitual liar. He almost always jumps straight into lying, without realizing it until after the fact. He smokes a /lot/-- at least two packs a day, at the minimum. Despite Perry's warning about sending him to jail, he steals as often as possible-- mostly small things like candy, gum and the occasional toy or figurine. It's mostly because it gives him a quick little rush-- and he's done it for so long, it's become an almost unbreakable habit.

Abilities/Strengths: Harry is a skilled magician in the modern day sense of the word. He is tricky and his sleight of hand knows no boundds. Give him an object, any object, that he can easily manipulate with his hands, and more importantly his fingers, and Harry can wow anyone with complex tricks. He is an averagely talented thief and can work an un-complicated lock with impressive picking skill. His aim may be off, but he has a surprising amount of good luck and innate skill with a handgun. 

Weaknesses: Harry is stupid. There is no polite way to put it-- everyone he meets eventually comes to the same conclusion, that he is simply missing the part of his brain that makes coherent thoughts form-- especially in the area of speech. (Actually, it's just that he's so spontaneous and hyper that he screws himself over by not thinking before acting.) It's odd though: Harry can and will notice the small things, easily conneting te subtler points of a detective case into one coherent idea. But give him something too complicated, or simply word it wrong-- and he is easily thrown off track.

On top of that, Harry is very self conscious and cares what others think about him a little too much for his own good. He tries too hard to win affection (especially from the ladies) and usually screws himself over instead of coming off as impressive. (At the same time, it gives him this quaint charm that he is unaware of.) He has an innate sense of pride and honor that skews his vision of what life should be like-- and in the short run, makes it hard for him to be as carefree as he pretends to be. As much as he'd like to claim to being casual with sex, he's really got more honor than that-- plus, he's just not a playboy like his initial looks suggest) but he would never admit that he hardly ever 'gets some'. Probably because the real factor that keeps him from being a manwhore is the fact that he isn't as impressive, funny, and appealing as he thinks he is. He is also very sensitive about the fact that his life is "On the hook, the hook is (his) home." He isn't someone great (he's a thief, for crying out loud!), and he is always easy to place blame on and this bothers him.

Oh, and Harry has the worst luck ever. Period. If something bad is going to happen in the general area, It's going to happen to Harry. No if's, and's or buts about it. 

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